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The Intradomus® application is now available on Google Play Store, Apple Store and Windows store  to allow you to login to our Intradomus® tool even more securely.

How to use the Intradomus® application ?

First connection

  1. Download the application on your smartphone
  2. Enter in the application on your  smartphone, in the «  Connect » tab and type in your usual Login et Password
  3. Enter in the  Intradomus® part on your computer, and type in your usual Login et Password
  4. Ask to generate a code in clicking on the grey button (« click here to get the code on your phone »)
  5. Reception of the code in the application or via a notification on your smartphone
  6. Type in the code received in your Intradomus® account on your computer and click on the pink button « sign in  » - The code is available during  20 minutes.
  7. You have now access to your documents


Following Connections (if no disconnection) :

Proceed as for a first connection  but starting at the step 3